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About Me

Hello and welcome to I’m Rebecca Fredericks, but please call me Bex. All my friends do. And if you’re on this site and wanting to take control of your life, to learn new things, to create balance and great success, then it’s highly likely that we would be friends offline as well. So ‘Bex’ it is.

Making changes to ourselves and our lives is hard, it takes courage and self awareness and persistence, and very few people are willing to take on that challenge. That you are, is amazing, and I’m so pleased and excited for you. The world is literally your oyster because, as Walt Disney said:

‘If you can Dream it, you can do it.’

And this is the beginning of great great things for you.

I think we need to dedicate time in our lives to the most important things for our own happiness. Because, whatever success means to you, what underlies it all, what you really want, deep deep down, is happiness. And I think that to live our best lives we have to feel good, and part of feeling good is being healthy.

When we’re healthy, we have energy, we feel alive and are open to the world.  We enjoy what life has to offer us, we’re not held back.  We feel confident, our self-esteem rises. We look and we feel our very best.

And a big part of being healthy is moving your body in the way it needs to move, through exercise (or whatever you choose to call it), through eating nutritious foods, sleeping to restore ourselves and creating healthy habits.

I believe that we can all become our healthiest and happiest selves by taking control of what we do every day.  By knowing what we need to do and then creating a sustainable and balanced lifestyle around this knowledge we can all become the very best versions of ourselves.

And this ethos has led me to this journey. A journey to finding my best life by taking control of the things that I do everyday, the way I think, what I do with and what I put into my body. And I want to share all this with you.

So, join me on this journey to your healthiest and happiest life.

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