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How To Banish Those ‘Bingo Wings’

1) Full Body Tricep Extension

- Start in the plank position with your elbows bent and your forearms flat on the floor

- Keep your elbows directly underneath your shoulders

- Keep your back straight and engage your core

- Now push yourself up on to one of your hands, and then the other, until your arms are fully extended and all your weight is in your hands and toes

- Slowly lower back down onto one forearm and then the other to starting position

- Repeat for 15 repetitions on each arm

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Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 18.27.22

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 18.28.01

2) Standing Tricep Extension

- Stand with your feet hip width apart, a neutral spine and a slight bend in the knee

- Engage your core by pulling your tummy button in towards the spine

- Hold one dumbbell and in your hand and lift the arm up so that your elbow is pointing up to the ceiling and your bicep is beside your head

- Let hand with the dumbbell in rest down behind your head

- Support this arm by the bicep with the other hand

- Exhale and bring the dumbbell up into the air by straightening the arm

- Inhale and lower the dumbbell back to starting position

- Repeat for 10 repetition on each arm

3) Tricep Overhead Extension

- Attach the rope to the low pulley of the cable machine and grasp the rope with both hands

- Turn your body around, so that the cable machine is behind you, and position your arms so that your biceps are beside your head, elbows pointing straight up and your hands and forearms are bent behind your head

- Take 1 large step forwards and bend forwards to a 45 degree angle

- Keep your biceps static, don't let them swing

- Exhale as you extend through the elbow and raise your hands up into the air, away from your head

- At the top of the movement, squeeze your biceps before slowing lowering the weight back to the starting position

- Repeat for 10 repetitions

Click here to see my post on 3 Killer Tricep exercises for more inspiration!

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