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The Gold Package

The Gold Package is the perfect option for women who need some real support, motivation and guidance with their help and fitness goals.

This 4 month package delivers all the support and trainings that you get with the Bronze Package because to really achieve your goals, you need to be working towards them, every day, and the online trainings provide the guidance and motivation that you need, in between your sessions with me, so that when we're not together you're still exercising, eating healthily and learning about the psychology of weight loss and weight maintenance via our unique online platform. And, in addition to all this, you also get to work with me 1 on 1 twice a week.

Again these sessions can be fitness sessions, coaching sessions or whatever you want them to be.

This programme also starts with an initial session, but in this initial session we go much deeper into what’s going on inside you, because allergies, imbalances and toxicity can often cause health and weight issues, and until these are resolved it’s impossible for you to reach your optimal physical and mental health.

So in this initial assessment, which lasts approximately 2 hours, we complete all your measurements, your fitness tests and we look at your goals, as we do in the Silver Package, but we also assess whether you are fatty acid deficient, whether you have low levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, whether you have low levels of serotonin, whether you have low levels of GABA, or acetylcholine, problems with methylation, deficiencies in Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Unstable blood sugar levels, a low functioning thyroid, an imbalance in your sex hormones, whether you are suffering from systemic inflammation, whether you have any digestion issues, or toxicity within your body, or metabolism abnormalities, or oxidative stress issues. We also look at how your body copes with stress by assessing whether you have any adrenal dysfunctions.

From these results I create a unique profile of who you are and what your body needs in order to run at its best. You get a detailed over-view and then a health prescription which involves increasing your consumption of certain foods, supplementation and more.

So this is a really in-depth, holistic approach to making you look and feel your very best.

This package is excellent for those people who want more help and motivation and guidance because I am literally in your life every day for 4 months. As well as seeing me twice a week you also get email support and a ½ hour phone call, if you want it, every week.

In this 4 month package you get:

-  2 hours of training with me, each week

- All the online trainings, meal plans, fitness plans and support you receive in the Bronze Package

- A thorough 2 hour initial assessment session to really see what's going on inside your body

- Customised fitness plans for our sessions together

- A phone call with me, each week

- Daily reminders integrated into your calendar system


At the end of the 4 months your energy levels, body and mind will be transformed and you’ll know absolutely everything that you need to know to feel and look your best for the rest of your life.


Click here now to set up your Initial Assessment Session and let's get to work on making you, the best you possible.

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