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Online fitness training

Do you want an expert, by your side, helping you to lose weight quickly and effectively by telling you exactly what you should be eating and how you should be exercising?

Discover How Quickly You Can Get In Control Of Your Weight & Know Exactly What You Need To Do To Get Your Ideal Body


- Do you struggle to know what exercises are best for your body shape and goals?

- Do you have no confidence in the gym?

- Do you feel out of control around food, and struggle to know what’s best to eat?

- Do you find ‘health food’ boring, bland and unsatisfying?

- Do you have trouble finding motivation and taking action on your health goals?


Well, if any of these apply to you, join the club!

I work with women everyday who come to me with these problems , and feel like they are failures because they just can’t lose the weight they want to, they don’t feel confident in themselves, or the way they look, and they just don’t know what to do about it.

And so I decided to create this online training platform for them, and any women who wants to get back in control and lose weight, safely, healthily, effectively, for the long term, and actually ENJOY THE PROCESS!

Well, if that sounds anything like you, then read on and find out how this, can be you:

“I’ve gone from 10lbs overweight to being a weight and size that I finally feel comfortable with. I’m never going to be a size 8 but I can now look in the mirror and feel good about myself. Part of that comes from the fact I’ve actually been able to reach my goal weight and part comes from the fact that I now know what to do to stay at this weight! I don’t have to watch every calorie or spend hours jogging (which I HATE) – this online training has given me all the tools I will ever need to lose weight and stay in control of every aspect of weight loss.”

- Susan, 42, Amersham

Because this online training is like having me, in your pocket. All my advice and guidance on-hand, all the time!

I make weight loss easy, not just because I tell you exactly what to do, but because I also give you the tools to implement the guidance into your life.

Alongside all the meal plans, recipes, and exercises, I also provide you with 5 hours worth of psychological training, teaching you everything you need to know to take control of your mind – the CRUCIAL part most diet plans and personal trainers forget about.

Because we all know that we should exercise and eat healthily, but we don’t do it, and, if we do, we only do it some of the time. These video trainings teach you how to get back in control, so that you can do what you ‘should’ do, all the time!

So, imagine what it would be like to know exactly what exercises to do at home or at the gym. Imagine what it would be like to know exactly what you should be eating, and have a huge range of options to choose from. Imagine what it will be like to look in the mirror and love what is looking back at you. Imagine what it would feel like to feel confident in your body and the way you look. Imagine feeling great about yourself.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach (with a degree in psychology) as well as a leading health and fitness writer for publications like The Huffington Post and Health & Fitness magazine and sponsored athlete for Kate Hudson’s athletic brand ‘Fabletics’.

I specialize in working with women just like you, to help them to lose weight and create their ideal bodies as easily and effectively as possible.

This online training will:

- Give you the confidence to know exactly what to do to get your ideal body – whether it be at the gym or at home you will no longer wander aimlessly around the gym, wasting your time on the different machines or spending hours on the stepper with no results or blindly follow a magazine workout, with this online training you will always know exactly what to do and this will make you feel, and look, amazing
- Enable you to always be in control – with meal plans and calorie databases you can swop menus and foods to know that you are always within your calorie target, whatever you decide to eat
- Create the body you’ve always wanted - with customized exercise plans tailored to your ability, goals and exercise preferences we make it easy, effective and fun


Click on the video below for a quick video about the online training.



‘I’ve always had my own PT, but after a couple of years or no real results I decided to cut my losses. But I still wanted some help and guidance and, with a young family, I was finding it harder and harder to make time to get to the gym. So I heard from a friend about Rebecca Fredericks’ online training and I’ve not looked back. It’s SO GOOD. When I get bored with a workout – I can swop in exercises or even do a zumba class instead. The food is delicious – nothing like I was expecting. And the psychology stuff is such a bonus. Gone is my 8pm glass of wine and 10pm tea and biscuit routine – because you even get taught how to break all these bad habits which are keeping those pounds on. Think you’ve got a member for life!’

- Kathryn, 32, Oxford


So, here’s what you get:

• Meal Plans – click here for a sample Meal Plan + Demo Videos
• Recipes
• Food Diary – daily Food Diary
• Calorie Database
• Articles

• Fitness Plans – click here for a sample Fitness Plan + Demo Videos
• Training Log – daily Fitness Diary
• Fitness Videos – to inspire your workouts
• Articles + Tips

• A My Mind Plan to follow each day
• Here we take you through the 6 psychological tools for weight loss
• We provide you with 6 specific modules via online video training
• These include modules on:
• Goals
• Habits; breaking bad habits + creating new healthy habits
• Beliefs; eliminating limiting beliefs + creating new empowering beliefs
• State Management
• Confidence
• Taking Action; overcoming your excuses, your fears + overwhelm
• Plus online Yoga Modules helping you to learn how to breathe properly, learn how to relax, detox your body as well as learn the physical positions
• Online Journal – to keep track of your successes, your ideas, and your goals in a private location

• Q & As
• Progress Trackers

Sound like it was made specifically for you? Well it was!

And you’ll get all this today for just £27 / month.

That’s right, just £27

So, for the price of a 15 / 30 minute personal training session you will get hours and hours and hours of training, exact demo videos showing you how to work every muscle in your body, recipes, meal plans and so much more.

Bronze Package
Online Fitness Training

Plus, I’m so confident that this online training will help you lose weight and feel confident in yourself that I’m offering it to you today, RISK FREE.

This means that if you’re unsatisfied with the training, for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you a 100% refund for that month!

What are you waiting for?

Click on the 'Online Fitness Training' tab below for immediate access

Bronze Package
Online Fitness Training

P.S My online training is designed specifically for women who want to lose weight and get back in control of their bodies. With training that is customized to work exactly for you and meal plans designed for your weight loss goals and psychology training that will help automate these new healthy habits, this training is completely unique. And remember, this is a risk free offer due to our 100% money back guarantee!



Q: Why £27?

If you’re thinking ‘£27 is too cheap…what’s the catch?’ then here are 3 reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. £27 puts this training within the reach of everyone….this is an affordable price for anyone who is serious about losing weight and changing their relationship with their body

2. It excludes the freebie seekers…I only want to work with people who are serious about their goals. Often those who only want free information don’t commit to taking the action required to actually succeed. Charging a fee, even a minimal fee like £27 / month, means only those people who are really committed, get this valuable information.

3. Psychologically people put more value and commit more when they have to pay something…..when we get information for free, we’re more likely to only do part of it, or not take it seriously. By charging I’m encouraging people to take action – because if you’ve paid, you’re much more likely to actually do the workouts and get the results you want!

But that is is…there’s no fine print, secret caveats. Just the information you need and the results you want.


Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes….all my trainings have a 60 day no questions asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money, for that month, back. I obviously don’t think this will happen, but if you’re the least bit worried that this product isn’t for you, then put your mind at ease. If you complete the plan, you either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!


Q: How long will it take to receive?

You’ll get it immediately.

Your access codes will be sent to you by email and all you need to do is complete the questionnaire in order to get the details for your online training portal.

Hurry….Order Now And Get to Work on Creating your Ideal Body!

…all for just £27. Click the ‘Online Fitness Training’ button now and get back in control!

Bronze Package
Online Fitness Training

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