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What I do


I specialise in working with women to help them achieve their health and fitness goals as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

I use my background as a qualified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, life coach and NLP practitioner to create solutions that are practical, realistic and educational.

All my programmes last 4 months because I know that this is how long it takes for new patterns of thoughts and behaviours to be established and for change to really happen.

Throughout the 4 months my clients get access to me either through email, telephone calls or 1 on 1 sessions, so that they have the continuous support, encouragement and motivation that they need to help them to reach, and exceed their goals.

But you don’t just get exercise advice, or nutritional information from me. My approach is entirely holistic because I know that the body, and the mind work together. Focusing solely on just exercise, or diet rarely works for the long term. So I integrate all these approaches to create unique and highly effective customised solutions for every woman I work with, whether it be on the Single Session, The Bronze Package, The Silver Package or the exclusive Gold Package.

And what’s more, this training and guidance lasts 24/7 throughout the 4 months, because we all know that it takes more than 1 or 2 exercise sessions a week for real change to happen. So my customised fitness and meal plans are delivered via my unique online training platform which allows you to see demo videos of how to perform all the exercises, provides recipes, food diaries, training logs, articles, advice, progress graphs, psychology training videos and so much more!

And at the end of my 4 month packages, you will know everything that you need to know in order to live your very best life, for the rest of your life.

If you tried and failed to lose weight or become the healthy and happy you that you’ve always wanted to become, then try something different, try something customised to you, try something that really works.

Try working with me.


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