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Welcome to the ‘Self’ section of the website. Here you will find all my collated blogs on anything and everything to do with the ‘Self’.

  • Do you have low self esteem?
  • Do you want to create new and empowering beliefs to support your goals?
  • Do you struggle with confidence in the gym or when working out?
  • Are you needing to create new habits to automate your health and fitness ambitions?
  • Do you have limiting beliefs which are holding you back?

These are just a few of the issues that we cover here.

8 Amazing Strategies to Help You Sleep Peacefully Through the Night

Todays' post is all about sleep and how to get good quality sleep when you do finally make it to bed. Sleep is at the forefront of my mind at the moment as I have a baby and am also almost 6 months pregnant with number two! This means that sleep is at a premium for me, and I know I'm not alone.

Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body and one of the most important ingredients for anti-aging and weight-loss!

Eugene Gabriel is an expert in sleep and works with thousands of people every year helping them to re-prioritise sleep and to get the best sleep possible when they do fall asleep. Below are his top 8 tips for getting a good night's sleep.

Sweet dreams,

Bex xx


Tired of lying awake in bed, counting sheep and praying to get some shut eye?
Not many people realize the effect sleep has on the human body and mind. It is as vital for good health as a good diet or exercise for that matter. The National Sleep Foundation carried out research on how much sleep is required by the average adult and the answer came out to be between 7-9 hours per night. Anything less than 7 can lead to an increased risk of physical and mental problems.



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no comments // March 21, 2017
How To Be Your Own Life Coach

We could all benefit from having someone in our lives who always supports us, guides us and cheers us on, encouraging us with all our personal and professional goals.

But how many of us really do?

Do you have anyone in your life to talk to about your goals and hopes for the future? If so, do you actually talk to them about these things?

Do you feel guilty burdening your friends or family by talking 'too much' about yourself, what you're doing and any problems that you're facing?

And when talking to them, do you hold back information because you're embarrassed to, or don't want to share big goals in case they laugh, or don't believe in you?

If not now, when?

This is where a Life Coach comes in, and can make the difference between goal success and failure.

A life coach is someone who will help you to achieve your life goals. They do this, in part, by getting you to focus on what it is that you really want, setting realistic yet inspiring goals and by helping you to create the right mindset to go out there and make it happen.

A mindset is an attitude or set of beliefs that has the power to completely change your life. The right mindset can be the difference between success and failure, and that’s because it’s only with a positive and open mindset that we will actually think the thoughts we need to think, and take the actions that we need to take. Things will go wrong with any plan, however good, clear and well researched it is, obstacles will arise and it’s only with the right mindset that you’ll be able to learn from the experience, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forwards.

So, in today’s article, I want to share with you my 3 top tips for a positive mindset:

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no comments // March 25, 2015
How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right’

aerobics class in park

Our thoughts become our actions. If we think something, we’re likely to make that thought a reality. It becomes a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’. Thoughts turn into actions because our subconscious mind understands the thought and works to make that thought the reality. ‘I can’t get that job’, ‘I’ll never find a boyfriend’, ‘I’ll never get fit’ etc etc


This happens across all areas of life, and, your fitness is no exception. If you think you can’t do it, you’re right, you can’t. If you think you’re going to fail, you probably will. Because your subconscious will work to make it happen, not realizing that it’s the opposite of what you really want.


So, if our own thoughts can become our personal saboteurs, what can we do to keep these negative thoughts in check?


Well, see my top 3 tips below:


Click here to read the rest of the article

no comments // February 5, 2015
New Year, New You: The 3 Things You Need To Do To Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

If you’re anything like me, you start each year full of grand plans and lofty goals. Many of which are exactly the same as last year (no I really really am going to give up chocolate this year…) So this year I’m going to do something different – as Einstein said Insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’, and, I don’t know about you, but I want to make this year even better than last year!

So, in today’s article I want to share with you the simple 3 step plan I’ve put in place for myself, and my clients, to ensure that we make 2015 the best year yet. And, whether your goals are to get into your best shape physically, start that new business or even travel the world, follow this framework and you’ll be well on your way.


1) Set Yourself Targets

Obvious. Yes. But I’m not talking about goals here, I’m talking about targets. Targets are more focused than goals and they’re easier to manage and realize.

The trick, when creating your targets is to focus on the specific results that you want and then set a target around those specific results. As part of this, determine exactly what you want, the minimum you are willing to accept and that results that would exceed even your wildest expectations.

Create just 3 targets for the year, because each of them will have a list of objectives, and you don't want to create a totally overwhelming situation that terrifies you to such an extent you never even get started.

Then, with each target specified for the year ahead, look at the target for the quarter and then for the month. Then create and follow a plan of action for each target, breaking it down from the year plan into the quarter plans into this month’s and then this week’s plan.

Because once you have determined the key results you want to achieve you can list all the actions that must take place in order to achieve that result, take responsibility or delegate the tasks and assign resources accordingly.

Now you have a concrete plan of action, you know what you need to do, and you know how to achieve it.

I’ve included a simple template of my Target Plan for you, but feel free to create your own.


Click Here to see the template plan and to keep reading

no comments // January 8, 2015
6 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep and 6 Ways to Get More of It

Sleep is important. That’s a no-brainer. But why is it so important, and what exactly does it do for our bodies and minds?

Well, this is something that has interested me for most of my life.

Why is it that I get ill as soon as I have a couple of nights of 6 hours sleep? Why am I snappy, bordering on vile, first thing in the morning when I’m still sleepy? Why do I feel horrible all day, lacking in energy and craving sugar when I’m tired?

Does sleep, or a lack of, really cause all these behaviours, and, if so, why?

So this week I wanted to share some of the surprising discoveries I made about sleep, and then give you my top tips to getting more of it.

Let’s get going:

1) Sleep helps to prevent inflammation
I’m sure you’ve heard of inflammation and the detrimental effect it has on the body. Inflammation is linked to a multitude of health problems and diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. And recent research shows that people who get 6 or less hours sleep per night have higher levels of inflammatory proteins in their blood than those who manage to sleep more than this.

Click here to keep reading.

no comments // October 16, 2014

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Do you find it easy to get motivated?

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, excited about the day?

Well, if you're like most of us, getting motivated can be quite tough. So, today I'm going to give you 4 simple tips for 'How to get more motivated' so that you can become more excited, more inspired and more motivated about the things you need, and want to do.

Cover Shot

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no comments // September 22, 2014
The Interview Series: Clare Nasir – TV Presenter, Producer, Author, Weight Loss Expert and Mother on Life, Love, Happiness and Success

Click Here to be taken straight to the episode.

Have you ever struggled to find what it is that you want to do with your life?

Do you find it tricky making decisions?

Are you searching for happiness but aren't sure which way to turn?

Do you ever wonder about the 'miracle cures' that celebs use to lose weight over night?

Well, in today's episode, I talk to the gorgeous and highly talented Clare Nasir; TV presenter, producer, meteorologist, author, wife and mother, about all this and more.

In this 3rd episode of The Interview Series, Clare shares her experiences, learnings and wisdom with us to help solve some of the big 'life issues' that we all face. We also chat about her journey to success, not sweating the small stuff, taking responsibility, weight loss and so much more!

clare cover

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no comments // August 14, 2014

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In today's episode of RebeccaFredericksTV I'm talking to the multi talented Soprano opera singer Kim Sheehan. We talk about her journey to success, following your intuition, coping with and responding to failures, living in the moment and so much more.

Kim also shares her secrets to a successful life and how she manages to create balance with her relationship, 2 homes in 2 different countries, and a successful international career.

In one of my favourite interviews of the series - there's something here for anyone who wants to develop in their relationship, in their career and in themselves.


Click here to keep reading and be taken to the episode.

no comments // June 6, 2014

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Do you feel tired all the time?

You feel tired in the week. You feel tired at weekends. You're tired when you're at home, you're tired when you're at work.

You're tired when you wake up, and you're tired when you go to bed.

Some of us just seem to be tired ALL the time, no matter what we do.

Well, in today's episode of RebeccaFredericksTV we look at 'How to Stop Feeling Tired All The Time' with my 3 tips to help you to stop feeling tired all the time...and perhaps address some bigger issues in your life.

S9_Cover Shot

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no comments // May 15, 2014

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Very few women have an authentically high self esteem, however successful they are. And a lack of self esteem and self confidence is really something that sets us apart from men. It stops us from reaching the levels of personal and professional success that we could reach, and holds us back across a number of different areas of life.

S7 Cover Shot

And so, today, I wanted to give you 4 simple tips that you can start using today, to help you to build your self esteem.

Click Here for more and to see the episode.

no comments // March 13, 2014

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