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Self Confidence DVD covers(1)It has taken me over 7 years to learn and implement this system in my own life and now I want to teach it to you, so that you too can break free from the restraints of low self confidence and create the personal and professional success that you deserve. I have included all the strategies and tools that I have learned and developed into this simple, easy to use and implement 4 step system so that you can start to see results immediately.

The training takes you through the 4 simple steps in the system and breaks all the science and information down into easy to understand tools and strategies that you can use in your everyday life.

Crammed full of exercises you will be putting everything you learn straight to use so that you start to build your confidence and see results, straight away.

In just a few hours you will have completed the system and be ready to create that life you have been dreaming about.

You will have learned:

  • How to find your Ideal Self so that you can be authentic to who you really are
  • How to create your Ideal Self, so you can feel truly confident and in control of the direction of your life
  • To have the confidence to do all the things that you dream of doing with your life
  • How to become more empowered and have more impact
  • How to break free of all your fears and take the chances you need to take to fulfil your amazing potential
  • How to find the inner strength that you need so that you can challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and pursue your goals and dreams
  • 9 specific tools you can start to use straight away

The Self Confidence System will help you to Create the Life You Dream Of, Starting Today


Without self confidence you will never believe in yourself enough to take the opportunities, move out of your comfort zone, break free of the fear of failure to enable you to live your very best life. And you deserve to live your life without boundaries, without fear, without self imposed limitations!

Self confidence will enable you to create the success and life that you deserve. It will eliminate your fears, your frustrations, your feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, your sense of ‘stuck’ and give you the belief that you need in order to achieve all your goals.

‘To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are’

– Jim Rohn

This simple, 4 step system determines who you are now, and the authentic person you want to become and gives you 9 powerful tools to help you to become her.

By knowing who you want to become, who you are right now, and using some, or all of these powerful confidence boosting tools, everything will become possible. Your belief in yourself and your abilities will be unstoppable. You will have the power to do all the things you want to do with your life. And you can start making these changes, and leading this life, straight away!


What would you do with your life if you had no fear of failure and complete confidence in yourself and your abilities?


What amazing dreams would you fulfill?


Just think about all the incredible things that you would do if you had no doubts about your ability, about your worth, about your strength, intelligence and capacity. Think about how this self confidence would change your life forever.


By using the same tools and techniques that the most successful women in the world use everyday to boost their levels of self confidence you too can create the massive success you wish for.


Authentic self confidence is based upon a sense of control, of knowing, of having a clear direction in life.


This system will help you to find your Ideal Self. And this Ideal Self will be based upon your true values and purpose rather than the ideals, beliefs and expectations of others or society. And with this clear destination in mind, and the tools to help you get there, you will start to do, think and believe the things that you need to, in order to create unshakable self confidence, and change your life forever.


The Self Confidence System will give you the confidence to make the little, seemingly insignificant changes in your life like accepting a compliment, organising a party or going to sing karaoke, as well as the life transforming changes like resigning from your job to start your own business or writing a book.


Now is the time to start living your life with the belief and the confidence that you can do it all, if you want to. The power is in your hands. And, you can get access to this power, today, with my simple 4 step Self Confidence System.
At the end of the training you will:

  • Feel great about yourself for the person you are today and the person you want to become in the future
  • Be motivated to go out into the world and show others the authentic you
  • Have unshakeable self confidence in yourself
  • Believe in your ability to create the success you dream of
  • Have pride in your strengths and passion to use them to create the life you deserve
  • Be empowered to overcome your insecurities, doubts and fears, and create the success and life you’ve been dreaming about

So, what’s stopping you?

If you have good self confidence and are taking the actions that you need and want to take to create a life you love – then this training probably isn’t for you. But if you don’t want to work with me, or don’t think that this training is a good fit for you – then please don’t let this stop you from going out there and finding another solution. Self confidence is so so important for your success that I want to encourage you to find someone else to work with who can guide you, support you and help you in your self confidence goals.

With this training you will receive:

  • 4 hours of video trainings
  • PDF transcripts of all the trainings
  • 25 Exercises to help you implement the strategies into your everyday life
  • Exercise Blueprints for every exercise
  • 12 Specific Strategies to get you from where you are now, to the life you want to lead
  • Ongoing access to our VIP community so that you can share and support other women who are doing this training too

As with all Rebecca Fredericks products I am passionate about creating results for you, and if you don’t love this training and see those results yourself, then I offer you a hassle free 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.

All the self confidence that you need to create the great success you deserve can be yours for less than the price of a dinner in a fancy restaurant – yet it has the power to really change your life.


This training can be yours for just £49.97


This is a completely risk free way to start building your confidence and changing your life. Today.


YES I think this training will be a great fit for me because I want to create unshakeable self confidence that will help me to create the future and the success that I deserve – right now.


Whether you decide that this training is for you, or whether you don’t need a training at all, or even whether you want to work with someone else altogether – I wish you the very best of luck. Having self confidence is so important for creating a fulfilling and happy life. And you can do it.

You can create the self confidence that you dream of. And you can create the great success in your life that you deserve.

As always, just remember that you are in control of your own life. If you want something to happen, you have to go out there and make the changes and do the work.

You have all the power that you will ever need inside yourself. So use it. And create a life and the future that you love.


Buy it now for only £49.97!


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