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Health Benefits of HIIT

1. Burns Calories – Even after finishing workouts, your body will be burning additional calories. In short, burning calories continues to take place well after the workout. All this is possible because of HIIT’s after burn effect. According to professionals, this EPOC effect lasts for 48 hours.

2. Convenient – HIIT exercises can be performed anywhere and everywhere – at home, the office, the gym, etc. According to your preference you can perform HIIT exercises with or without equipment. Walking, jumping, running, biking, etc. don’t require any additional equipment.

Moreover, these exercises can be performed by people of all ages, sizes and weights. Therefore, you can build muscle even without heavy dumbbells and barbells.

3. Prevents Heart Diseases – Although HIIT does not treat obesity and hyperlipidemia, it can help you to avoid heart problems. This is because it helps in fat reduction and increasing the metabolic rate. This causes various organs in the body to get more blood causing the heart to function more effectively. Therefore with HIIT you can help to prevent heart failure and high cholesterol.

4. Better than Traditional Cardio – In comparison to traditional workouts, HIIT offers better results. HIIT stimulates the production of human growth hormone by 400 percent. Human Growth Hormone helps you to build muscle, and lose fat. According to a popular American sports magazine, HIIT is among the best fitness programs for burning fat and building muscles.

5. Saves Time – Don’t worry, if you don’t have enough time for the elliptical, treadmills or other exercise machines. With HIIT programs all you need is 15-25 mins of intense exercise (although ideally you would work out for 30 – 40 minutes). Performing HIIT exercises three times a week will help you to attain these desired health benefits.

6. Ideal Workout – For performing HIIT you don’t need to have very stamina and endurance. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can perform HIIT programs. According to your preferences you can select running, swimming or jogging or even body weight exercises as the workout activity. You could even use TRX training and suspension training as part of the workout.

7. Preserves Muscle – If you want to condition your body, HIIT will help. Unlike traditional cardio exercises, HIIT helps you to burn calories as well as preserve muscle mass. These exercises promote the secretion of the hormones which are essential for building muscle.


In comparison to strength training and impact training, HIIT is arguably a better health program. Different activities involved in HIIT increase the absorption of lactic acid, Phosphocreatine and anaerobic glycolysis. All of which are good if you want to build muscle and lose fat.

You should consider HIIT if you want:
• To lose fat and boost metabolic rate
• To build stamina and endurance level
• To improve blood pressure and avoid heart diseases
• To enhance your workout capacity
• To enhance muscle fibres and maintain muscle mass
• To improve carbohydrate and other nutrients oxidation in skeletal muscles
• To build cardiovascular muscles
• To enhance your mental strength
• To stay fit and healthy for longer periods


I believe that HIIT is the best health program you can embark on. What’s more, the after burn effect involved in HIIT offers vast health benefits. You also don’t need to have a vast stamina or endurance level. People of all ages, sizes and weights can easily start a HIIT program, it can be performed anywhere and in as little as 15 minutes. So give it a try and see all these health and fitness benefits for yourself!

Andrew is the founder and CEO at AimWorkout. Andrew is a passionate fitness professional and tri-athlete and he has a passion for anything wild and extreme.

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