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Welcome to the leading online program for mums helping them to transform their lifestyles, improve their health, get into the best shape of their lives, and feel amazing.

Workout with me, 5 days a week - change your body, feel stronger, fitter, healthier & happier than ever before!

LIVE workouts every day that challenge your body through different formats to create a healthy, lean, strong body. Every day we work different parts of the body to prevent 'overtraining', reduce the risk of injury and to create a balanced, toned and heathly body.

Better Health/Fitness = Better Relationships & More Focus/Energy & Wellbeing.

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  • Not sure if you can commit to 5 days a week?
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  • Just fancy doing a single class?

Well this option is perfect for you. Get access to join the live class or to watch the recording by clicking below.


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πŸ‘‰Daily (Mon-Fri) 30 minute exercise classes - LIVE at 7am each weekday morning

πŸ‘‰Recordings of each class so you don't miss out even if you can't make it live

πŸ‘‰ An expert there ensuring you're performing each exercise perfectly

πŸ‘‰A community of other mums working out with you each morning

πŸ‘‰A variety of different exercise disciplines and formats to ensure you're working your body in the best way possible

And you get all of this for a monthly payment of £39.99*

*This is a subscription that you can cancel at any time

**FREE 7 day Trial Included with every purchase



I am SO confident that you are going to love Thrive Monthly Light that I'm offering everyone a 7 day free trial.

So you can try the program for 7 days before deciding whether you like it or not!


This means that you can cancel within the 7 days and get your money automatically refunded.

If you choose to continue you don't need to do anything and your access will continue as normal.

But this program isn’t for everyone. To make sure that this is definitely the right option for you – keep reading:

Who This Program Is NOT For...

πŸ‘‰ Someone who is wanting to build muscle and lose 10Lbs of fat in the 4 weeks. Fat loss is likely to be a side-effect of this program – not the whole point of it.

πŸ‘‰ Someone who feels they can get the results they need from some workouts via an app 

πŸ‘‰ Someone who doesn't need any motivation or support

Who This Program IS For...

πŸ‘‰ Mums

πŸ‘‰ Those Stuck-in-a-Rut

πŸ‘‰ Those who have a habit of giving up / not sticking to programs

πŸ‘‰ Those not sure what exercise is effective for them and their goals

πŸ‘‰ Those who get bored of non-interactive workouts



- Katherine Watkinson, Mum of 2

"I've just completed Thrive March and it has been life changing! I have done my fair share of diets and fitness plans over the last 15 years which led to an obsessive level of calorie counting and some very unhealthy habits. I can't believe how much my mindset has changed in 4 weeks - I no longer count calories but have a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet which my whole family can enjoy. I have an exercise plan that I can fit around my two children and a busy job. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.

Bex provides so much more than diet and fitness, the holistic approach really is transformative. Thanks you! ."

- Kirsty Fletcher, Mum of 1

"If I had to describe Bex......A life changing, force of nature!

Getting up everyday and having such a positive start to the day has been such an eye opener - it has made me a better parent, partner and person. I am more productive in our business and I feel like my limits are endless.

I feel healthy, stronger and more confident.....and it's only been four weeks!

Bex has endless energy, compassion and knowledge and she is absolutely the person you need in your life!"

- Susie Cox, Mum of 2

" I love the 7am workouts (Monday to Friday) which set me up beautifully for the day. They are thoughtfully constructed throughout the week, including core, HIIT, cardio, and weights to keep me pushing myself...and shake up my habitual exercise routine and has got me out of a rut.

Bex's unwavering, infectious commitment is astonishing and motivates you to make positive changes each day.I would encourage all mums (whatever stage you are at) to join Thrive as you will never regret it." 

Stephie Scerri - Mum of 2

"I joined thrive with my main focus being weight loss post-baby. But to be honest, I haven’t weighed myself once, which is huge for me!

Thrive (Bex) has helped me feel good about myself, during the crazy newborn period with a second baby."


- Hannah Mason, Mum of 2

"Previous to THRIVE I struggled finding the time to fit ‘looking after myself’ into my life. 

I love the 30 minute exercises every week day mornings. They’re always different and challenging and I look forward to getting up at 6:45am (!!!).

The weekly meal planners are full of great recipes (I especially love the breakfasts) and takes the pressure off trying to think of what to cook each week. They also guide you to re-think how you eat and help make small but big changes. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, more that I’m enjoying eating better food.

Bex’s enthusiasm, care and energy hold it all together. She is generous, knowledgable and thoughtful and sweats alongside you."

- Kim Sheehan, Mum of 2

"To make this shift on my own, would take much longer and would be a lonelier path…who wants to get get up at 7am and work out on their own, when they could be in Thrive having fun getting stronger and more resilient?

Thrive monthly works for me becuase Bex brings her infectious and inspirational energy to the table day-in-day-out.

This mix of energy compels me to get on with my life’s purpose and as a result I am being so much more productive and I feel great….(and dare I say it, I look great too!!! )

So give it a go. I’ve already signed myself and my sister up for February."

- Adrianna Rayo, Mum of 2

"I joined Thrive January wishing to start the year with the right foot after doing no exercise during the Christmas break but then I joined Thrive February and will be joining March too.This programme has surpassed all my expectations!! It is not only fun exercise but it involves healthy meal plans and snacks that the whole family enjoys!!

We are building stronger bodies, minds and friendships! - so much needed in these strange times.

Bex is a committed, reliable, knowledgable and friendly person that will hold your hand all the way to become a better version of yourself."

- Brooke Sheehan, Mum of 4

"After completing two months of Thrive I've never felt better both physically and mentally. To begin with I wasn't sure if I would manage to get up for the 7am start but it soon became an easy challenge, now I look forward to the class and hop out of bed.

Bex is a warm, caring and kind person with superb energy and drive. She is an inspiration and I feel lucky to be part of Thrive."

This program will change the way you think about yourself, food and exercise and give you all the tools you need to create a healthy and happy life.

Hey I'm Bex!

A mum of 4 small people, Personal Trainer (CYQ CPT), Nutritionist (CfNRegNutr), Life Coach (BSc, NLP Dip) & Author (Mummahood: The Experts Guide to a Fit, Healthy & Happy Pregnancy’) and your guide through #diveintothrive.

Since having Ava, my first daughter, 7 years ago I've dedicated my working life to trying to make the lives of mums like you healthier and happier through exercise, nutrition, and self-care.

I believe that every mother deserves to THRIVE and my mission is to show you exactly how by making little pivots in your daily lifestyle that all build up to create huge change.

I can't wait to start working with you!



  1. What if I can't get up in time for the classes?

Firstly - I hope you will because by 7.32 you will be feeling incredible and ready to take on the world, safe in the knowledge you've already done a brilliant workout and taken care of yourself.

However - life happens!! And so I make sure to record every session and place the recording ready for you to watch and do whenever you are ready.  


  1. How exactly is the training delivered?

You will get a zoom code delivered to you - and all the classes will be carried out via zoom so you can see me and, importantly, I can see you!!


  1. What happens if I don't like the classes?

You will get a 7 day free trial so if you hate it - just cancel within the 7 days and you won't have to pay a penny


  1. How much does T.H.R.I.V.E. Monthly Light cost?

Each month costs just £39.99 


  1. What about the food side of the health equation?

I know full well how important the food side is and therefore you will have the option to buy an accompanying Recipe Book and Meal Plans as soon as you have signed up.