Poppy Wood

Mum of 2

"A very professional, high-energy trainer who really helped me to get back in shape mentally and physically after having a baby. Am so glad that I made time for myself and had Bex to motivate me to exercise and look after myself. Highly recommend!"

Adriana Rayo

Mum of 2

"Bex is an amazing trainer, she is very creative so you’ll never get bored. She pushes you to your limits and she is very motivational so she makes sure you achieve your goals.
A very enjoyable experience with a very professional, disciplined and respectful person 100% recommend."

Kelly Folks

Mum of 3

"Amazing results with Bex! I’ve been working out with her for several weeks now, and I don’t think I have ever felt stronger from head to toe. I always leave her sessions feeling super proud of myself for some seriously hard work. Bex makes sure workouts are balanced, and one of my favorite aspects of her sessions is variety. Week after week, she keeps things fresh and interesting. Bex helped me wake up muscle groups I never knew I had, and I love the way she lifts up the women who work with her. She lets you know she is on your team and that she has your back!"

Ingrid Hammond

Mum of 2

"Bex is an amazing motivator who truly pushes you to push yourself. Bex takes you beyond your comfort zone whilst always showing an awareness of the individual's body and fitness level. Bex always comes prepared to a class, each session offering different exercises to keep the enthusiasm levels up. Bex's positivity is second to none and, coupled with her extensive knowledge, she is the perfect candidate to boost anyone's fitness levels. After just two weeks of Bex's, I felt and noticed results!"

Kim Sheehan

Mum of 2

"She’s such an amazing teacher and has a unique confident and clear way of communicating. As well as having gained strength and mobility, I have almost fully healed my problematic Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) from two pregnancies, which I was told would never be healed! We also have lots of fun and it’s great to be a part of her strong female community. Highly recommended."

Susie Cox

Mum of 2

"You will have to search long and hard to match Bex's skill and never-ceasing passion for her job. Her in-depth knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition is holistic and up-to-date.
Bex has elevated my physical strength to new heights and kept my mental health throughout the entire lockdown period. Thank you, Bex!"

LaToya Felice Pierce

Mum of 2

"Rebecca just amazing. She’s is motivating, energetic and lovely to talk to which makes it so much easier to workout. For someone whose hardly exercised for quiet a while, I’ve feel like a whole different person. Thank you!"

Candice Cariboo

Mum of 1

"Bex has been my personal trainer for a year and she is fantastic! She has helped me to repair my diastasis and build my core strength after the birth of my daughter. I never thought my body would return to normal, but working with Bex, I feel even stronger, fitter and healthier. Bex is an innovative personal trainer. Our sessions are always fun but challenging. Bex has also given me fantastic nutritional and lifestyle advice, which I have incorporated into my hectic diary as a working mum, helping me to see results. I recommend her without hesitation!"

Holly Thornberry

"I simply cannot recommend Bex highly enough. She has not only transformed my body physically but has also helped me grow stronger mentally and has become a great friend and mentor. Bex ensures that my sessions are always challenging but fun and they are personalised to me and my own development. You won’t regret choosing to work with Bex, whatever your goals she will help you achieve them."

Jo Pacifico

Mum of 2

"Bex is an amazing personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. She has transformed many women’s lives during lockdown and we are all so grateful!"

Juliana Gallo

Mum of 1

"Just one word to describe Bex: Amazing. She is the most complete professional I ever came across. She’s got a great vibe and energy to team up with!

I was really lucky to find her 7 months after I gave birth. My confidence and self esteem were pretty low. At that time, my main goal was to lose all the weight I put on during my pregnancy.
She focused on different fronts: 1) diet plan 2) exercise routine 3) mental health
I embraced the plan and no doubt I got the results I wanted, but more importantly my energy and confidence back. Big thank you!"

Aki Swiecicki

Mum of 2

"Bex is an incredible PT - very knowledgeable, motivating and inspiring! Had 10 sessions after my second child and could not believe how much stronger and better I felt. Thank you Bex! highly recommend her!"

Stephanie Scerri

Mum of 2

"Bex has kept me fit and strong throughout my pregnancy; not only is she reliable and professional but she also makes exercise a fun challenge, that keeps you motivated and wanting more! Can’t wait to embark on my post natal recovery with her!"

Sophie de Rivoire

Mum of 1

"I trained with Bex throughout my pregnancy and loved it. Her sessions were always fun and kept pushing me! I can’t wait to get going again soon! I would highly recommend her!"

Valentina Capelli

Mum of 1

"Rebecca has been my trainer during my pregnancy; her preparation and professionalism are first class! Thanks to Rebecca I managed to stay active and exercise throughout the 9 month; this allowed me to live my pregnancy with no back pain at all which is amazing as I have two hernias in my lower back from a previous accident! Rebecca support goes beyond what you’d expect from a PT; thanks to her studies in psychology and nutrition, she can provides a 360 support which is extremely precious and rare to find. Rebecca has a contagiously positive personality and is definitely a natural coach both for the body and the mind."

Hannah Mason

Mum of 2

"After two children and suffering from SPD I had had enough of ending the day in some kind of pain. Working with Bex not only stopped the pain but also made me stronger, more flexible and even a flatter stomach which I thought I'd never have again. But more than this she gave me the confidence to believe that my 'new (post baby) body' is capable of more. Her holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and mind in women's health is just what I needed. She is passionate about demystifying women's health and what we all go through physically and mentally after pregnancy and childbirth. I found her approach caring and firm with no judgements."

Charlotte Havill

Mum of 1

"I did Thrive January initally just for the excercise and the hope that it would fill me up to be able to support my new family and give me some routine in a strange time of transitions and pandemic. It really did! What I hadn't expected at all was how much I would get from the talks in the evenings - whilst I'm naturally quite sceptical of 'wellness' advice I found the discussion genuinely very insightful and well researched. So now I'm doing Thrive February!"

Sejal Samani

Mum of 2

"I would like to recommend thrive to all mums out there who is looking to get fit and motivated not just physically but mentally.

I haven't exercises in years and when I joined Thrive October I loved the way Bex had layed out the 12 min exercise, it changed my mindset towards exercise and I joined up.

Thrive isnt just about exercise, its has so much more to offer. Bex is dedicated and passionate about total well being. Her evening session are so educational. From the sessions I have added small routines to my day which make me feel better and happier inside and out."

JJ McAllister

"From the very first day we met I've left every session with Bex feeling like I could take over the world. My life will forever be better just for having her in it."

Mia Kabir

"I met Rebecca Fredericks during what now I would call the lowest point in my life.

I was severely anxious and depressed. I was also very unhealthy and overweight.

I could tell you that she’s a great personal trainer and I could probably go on and on about all the amazing recipes she has come up with for me. But that honestly wouldn’t even begin to skim the surface of all she has taught me. Whether it be mental health or even just healthy lifestyle choices, her knowledge was immense.

Over the course of 2 years, Bex has changed my outlook on life, people, as well as my relationship with eating (I had gone through years of eating disorders prior to meeting her). She taught me so many ways to exercise when I couldn’t find time to book in a session with her, and she even gave me a schedule during my exams that helped me deal with my anxiety and helped me to study more efficiently.

During this time I’ve not only lost a considerable amount of weight, but I’ve also gained a lot of mental and physical strength, learned to cook healthy meals and gained the confidence that I once lost.

More than a personal trainer, and at times psychologist, she became my friend and someone that I will always look up to."

Jane Bardos

Mum of 3
"I signed up to THRIVE January hoping to get a healthy start to 2021. Of course I got this with the incredible (and delicious) meal plans and daily workouts, but I hadn’t realised how much more I would gain. As the month started we went into another lockdown, and rather than feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed, Bex has helped me find a daily routine where I manage to prioritise myself and my health and well-being, a balanced approach to exercise and my diet and an enjoyment of preparing delicious, nourishing food for my family.  She’s even managed to get my incredibly fussy children eating chia seeds, flaxseeds and almonds with her brilliant recipes!! 
The most important message I have taken away so far is that a good, healthy routine is key, but Bex’s focus on the benefits of flexibility and the importance of still keeping those ‘worth it’ moments (like ice cream and popcorn night with my kids) really makes this an achievable, healthy way of life, rather than a ‘quick fix’. 
The evening calls are not just hugely informative, they offer an opportunity to hear from the other mums who have joined THRIVE. It’s a brilliant support and motivational group. 
3 weeks in and I feel strong, full of energy, I’m far more positive and I definitely have more patience around my children. 
I’m so keen to continue and embed this new way of life, I’ve signed up to Thrive February already!!
Thanks again Bex for being so incredibly supportive, positive and fun (as well as being a fountain of knowledge!).”

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