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After a baby, at any stage in your post-natal journey, you need to make sure you have repaired and rehabilitated your body before you start more formal exercise.

In this free video I teach you:

- the breathing technique you need to use in all post-baby exercises

- the movement pattern you need to be using to get up from and down to the floor / out of bed / the bath etc

- 3 simple, at home, exercises you need to be doing to repair a diastasis and tone that tummy

- a 3 week plan that will ensure your tummy goes from flabby to toned

In order to safely start exercising after a baby you need to make sure that your core and pelvic floor are strong.

However most traditional core exercises actually make your core weaker and more damaged.

These specialised exercises will safely build your core strength, prevent any leaking and even organ prolapse and help you lose your mummy tummy for good.

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